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GIA Certificates

GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America which is the world's most authoritative gemological testing lab. The certificates that it issues to verify diamonds' quality has been internationally accepted and recognized. All diamonds that are tested by GIA will be accompanied by a GIA certificate and a registry number, which contains records of its grading results. Customers can print, trace or order-reprints of his/her GIA certificate(s) anytime from GIA. Nowadays, they can even download a soft copy from GIA's website at www.gia.edu. In the unfortunate case where a diamond has gone missing, the diamond owner can simply contact GIA and inform them of the loss. When the diamond is again received for testing at GIA, it will inform the owner right away.


All GIA certificates state clearly a diamond's quality in order to provide trusted reference to customers on their selected diamond. On the certificate, it would indicate a diamond's carat, colour, clarity, cut, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, measurements, purity, and proportions. For more information on these factors, please visit our pages on diamond education. For diamonds that weigh one carat and above, an illustrated plotting diagram of the diamond would be included in the diamond certificate. The diagram, also called a reference diagram, indicates the diamond's inclusions and blemishes, their location and nature under 10 times magnification.

GIA Laser Inscription Number

With latest laser inscription technology, GIA often inscribes the certificate's number on a diamond's girdle for easy reference. The number is inscribed on a diamond's girdle which does not affect its overall brillliance and shine. The number can only be visible under 10 times magnification, and most often, higher degree of magnification is required to spot the GIA laser inscription number clearly.


Will the GIA inscription affect a diamond's overall clarity or purity?

GIA utilizes latest laser inscription technology to record the inscription number on a diamond's girdle. The number is only lightly engraved and can be erased with slight touch of heat or fire. Different from some other brands' laser inscription numbers where they are engraved on the table facet of a diamond, those may appear as a fine line to even the naked eye and may affect the diamond's overall visual effect.


Do all diamonds that come with GIA certificate have laser numbers engraved on their girdles?

There are also diamonds that do not come with a GIA laser inscription number due to various reasons. If you are unsure of whether the diamond has a laser inscription number, simply refer to the top of the diamond's certificate. If it has a line that indicates "Laser Inscription Registry", then the diamond has already been inscribed with its GIA number. Likewise, if this line does not exist on your certificate, the diamond has not been inscribed with a certificate number.


If the diamond does not have a GIA inscription number, what should I do? Is it an authentically testified diamond from GIA?

When you purchase a diamond of one carat and above, the certificate will come with a diamond reference diagram which shows what the diamond naturally looks like under 10 times magnification. The diagram of a diamond is like a photo identification to a person, it indicates where the inclusions and blemishes are and their nature. To gemologists, the diamond reference diagram is a diamond's fingerprint. Upon viewing under magnification, gemologists can immediately tell whether the diamond corresponds with the relevant certificate. Hence, even without a certificate, a diamond's identity can still be identified. If you the diamond that you choose does not have a GIA laser inscription number, Alren Jewellery can help to apply for the GIA certificate to be engraved onto the diamond through GIA's service center in Hong Kong. Additional charges may apply, subject to GIA's rate of charges. The process will take about 25 to 30 business days.


Do all diamonds that are available on Alren Jewellery comes with GIA certificates?

In order to provide you with the greatest assurance, all diamonds that are available on Alren Jewellery all come with GIA certificates. Before you choose your diamond, you can view its certificate online using Adobe Acrobat Reader. When Alren Jewellery delivers the ring to you, a small 10 times magnification loupe will also be provided on a complimentary basis for you to identify the GIA inscription number under day light. You are also welcomed to visit our customer service center where we have specialized equipment such as a diamond microscope or 14 times magnification loupes for you to spot the GIA inscription number of a diamond after mounting on a ring.