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Daimonds are nature's gift to us, obtained from deep under diamond mines. Therefore, it is common for diamonds to contain some trait of nature, including some natural inclusions. These inclusions are very small and may not be easily detected by the human eye, and therefore not deemed important by some consumers. However, a diamond's clarity and purity plays an important role in determining a diamond's value. These impurities may affect how a diamonds reflects light and diminish its sparkling effect as well as value for investment.


A diamond's Clarity if graded as follow:

1. FL(Flawless)& IF(Internally Flawless)

No inclusions can be detected under a 10x magnifying glass. Only under 1% of all stones mined are Flawless, and therefore, Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and highly valued.


2. VVS1 & VVS2(Very Very Slight Inclusions)

Only an expert eye may detect very slight inclusions under a 10x magnifying glass. High quality stones ideal for long term investment.


3. VS1 & VS2(Very Slight Inclusions)

Mone of the most popular clarity grade, inclusions may not be detected by naked eye. Even under a 10x magnifying glass, inclusions withint a VS1 or VS2 diamond of high purity may not be easily detected. Suitable for long term investment. 



4. SI1 & SI2 (Slight Inclusions)

Flaws are easily detected under a 10x magnifying glass and may be seen by naked eye. SI1 or  SI2 grade diamonds of higher purity may also be suitable for long term investment.


5. I1,I2 & I3 (imperfect)

Contains impurities detected by naked eye. Alren Jewellery does not provide I2 or I3 grade diamonds. 



Alren recommends client to take into consideration all factors and taking a reasonable balance between factors while making a decision for diamond investment. Popular choices in recent years are VVS1,VS1,VS2,and SI1, SI2 diamonds of higher purity.